About Intimacy Devotional

The Bible tells us about Jesus in His earthly walk, how that He would separate Himself to be alone with the Father. He would go up on mountains, He would travel the distance, He would rise early in the morning way before anyone gets up, just to be away from people and to be alone with God. This is a perfect portrait that describes what intimacy devotional hopes to bring into every user’s daily life— to teach them one thing— the art of being alone with Jesus.


Intimacy Devotional is a daily Christian guide based on the truth of the word aimed at enriching every believer’s walk with God and inspiring them all round in all areas of their life. By this material, we hope to bring everyone into a place of deep intimacy with Jesus.

It will serve as a daily ‘quiet time’ guide for members of our local church and even beyond.


It will help develop a hunger for God’s presence and create a culture of separation— an act of leaving other things to be alone with God.


It will bring every user into a life of rich fellowship with the Spirit of God— an enriching fellowship, reviving, satisfying and not just religious.

Useful tips on how optimally use Intimacy Devotional for your edification


Intimacy Devotional is a life guide that brings you a fresh perspective from God’s Word everyday. It features the day’s topic, a theme scripture, the day’s message, the daily confession and the Bible reading plan segment.

Set aside a quiet time to focus and pay attention to the day’s topic

The best time to study intimacy devotional isn’t when you’re going for lunch or when you’re rushing into your car. Though this is better than not reading it at all, practice reading it at the start of the day, not at the middle or end of the day. Give more attention to your study time. Don’t study on the run; instead, be settled when you study and you’ll get more. You need to set a quiet time aside because during or at the end of reading the article, you should meditate upon them. Meditating enables you to ruminate upon God’s word, this is how we internalize God’s word and how important it is for us to internalize God’s word!

Make up your mind to follow the counsel and instructions proffered in the devotional

Sometimes while studying, you may find tips, instructions, insights, and secrets of the Kingdom included in the articles. Take heed to follow those instructions. This is vital because those instructions are of the Spirit and they’ll catapult you to higher levels if you observe them.

Speak out the confession or say the prayer out loud

This isn’t the same as reading them to yourself; you ought to confess them audibly. That’s the only way they’ll produce results in your life. This process is the continuation of next stage in meditation, speaking out to yourself. You have to say the prayers out loud. Don’t mumble the words to yourself because they’re potent words that will cause changes if you use them the right way. We’ve explained in our church several times how powerful words are. So much so Jesus said “You shall have what you say” (Mark 11:23-24) Decide upon a Bible study plan and stick with it diligently and consistently.

Endeavour to follow the Bible reading plan