“I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, And crooked places straight. These things I will do for them, and not forsake them.”

Isaiah 42:16

To live life abundantly, to experience fulfilment in life, the believer must come into alignment with his Father.  To be in alignment with God is to choose His way over the way of this world even if you don’t understand it.

Being in alignment is being in a position of agreement. Alignment with God can then be defined as agreeing with God. It means allowing God to arrange and coordinate your life.

Living in alignment allows God’s sovereignty over your life. This then leads to having a thought life that agrees with His thoughts towards you.

Aligning with God is not a one-time thing, it’s the result of a series of processes, some of which we have discussed in the last couple of days.

Knowing and following God’s word, yielding to his leading, Prayer and Confession. In fact, alignment with God is built on the table of yielding. Those opportunities you have to yield to the nudging of the Spirit are opportunities to further synchronize yourself with our heavenly Father.

Aligning with God is simply living life the way God wants us to. His word, the Bible reveals a large part of that to us, so simply following the instructions and admonitions from the word of God naturally sets us on that path. However, we don’t just stop there, in our daily walk with God, we must desire to know what is on God’s mind per time and step into what God will have us do. 

Prayer is an avenue to bring God’s will into action, in the place of prayer, we submit our will to God’s will.

Remember when Jesus had to pray that God’s will be done even though he was weak. Strength to carry out God’s will is received in the place of prayer. Glory to God

FURTHER READING: Luke 22:42-43, James 4:7



7 thoughts on “ALIGN WITH GOD

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      Aligning with God is the result of series of processes like prayer, knowing (not to know alone but follow) the word of God, Confessions and also yielding to the nudging of the Spirit.
      Thank you for this Pastor 😌

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      Even when we don’t seem to understand,we must align with God-bearing in mind that our Father will not lead us astray.
      Thank you for bringing this to our consciousness again,Pastor.

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      When I align with God, it means I put him first and allow his sovereignty over my life because he can’t lead me astray and it is not what I will do once and stop, it must be at every point in time. Thank you Pastor

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      Thank you God for creating a relationship that is so beneficial to me. A relationship where all I have to do is surrender and enjoy his love. My surrender isn’t a sacrifice, it is a gift because when I give it all up, it means I’m allowing my life to be set on the right track by my Father. I’m releasing my selfish thoughts and worldly consciousness over my life and allowing the wisdom and purity of my Heavenly Father dominate my life. So because I align myself with God’s word, I KNOW I AM ON THE RIGHT TRACK OF LIFE. I KNOW I AM MADE! Hallelujah!!!! Praise God for his Loving Gift!

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      Thank you pastor for this wonderful message.

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      How intimacy devotion just gives us the right word for our situation at the moment. I spoke to my husband last night about agreeing with God’s plan for us, even though I had my fears, I was shocked to see this topic today. Now I understand how important it is to pray for God’s will even when we’re weak. In the place of prayer, we submit our will to God’s will. I’m just going to let God arrange and coordinate my life. I’ve made mistakes as a result of doing things without first agreeing with God, but today’s word I guess it’s for me. I will operate with this knowledge. God bless Pst Dayo.

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      Just reading this i had the picture of a car whose wheels are nt well aligned, what happens is that it gives the driver trouble to steer, the driver must constantly have his hands on the wheel, or the car swerves off course. Today’s topic just shows that we need to be well positioned in the place of prayer and in our devotion to allow us function in God’s plan for us.

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