Thou, therefore, endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that He may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

2 Timothy 2: 3-4

Men don’t like to hear about hardness at all, every man desires a smooth-sailing life. Humans naturally just want to cruise along life and have everything set for them, so, all they have to do is relax and be taken care of. Tribulations are in themselves not bad; in fact, they are revealers of quality. The best way to know People’s true capacity and ability is to subject them to a test in their acclaimed proficiency. So dear believer, don’t be afraid of hardship or tribulation because it would surely come.  Everyone’s test set at different unique measures commensurate to their strength. So, instead of avoiding the possibilities of hardship and tribulations, it is better to prepare for it, by developing grit, stamina and capacity to radiate the fullness of the God-life in you.

As believers, we are covered by grace, but the grace places on us responsibilities equal to the measure of grace we have received. Our attitude to life determines our attitude to God and to his business, this is why the bible has created a structure that attains for a balanced life. The wrong doctrine tries to separate work from faith, but even work is a part of faith. There is no point where you stop or pause being a believer. This journey of faith is a lifestyle, it is not just a religion that expects you to live by some rules on some days and leaves you to do you on other days. This faith gives a sense of self-discovery in Christ, it is a 24/7 unlimited plan. So, in everything we do, especially by the way we go about our work, we reflect our being in Christ, giving way for our God-life to find expression as we go about our activities. You see, just as different tribes are distinguished and recognized by their unique trades, jobs and lifestyles; people can easily tell what trade is peculiar to what tribe, for example, Fulanis are herders. In the same way, people should be able to discern the believer by their works, there is a peculiarity to how we go about our jobs that makes us stand out as representatives of God. So, these features characterize our attitude to work: love, patience, forbearance, endurance, grit, dedication, honesty, and excellence.

So, our work should be an expression of love both to God, our employer and our customers. We ought to be patient in our dealing, forbearing all persecutions, showing grit in endurance having the knowledge that it is only a test that would pass with time. We ought to be dedicated in our work, have an honest approach in all our dealings, and build an excellent standard and reputation for ourselves. As children of God, our motive and end-point should be that our reputation is Christ-worthy.

FURTHER READING: 2 Timothy 2: 1-13, 2 Timothy 3: 10-17

DECLARATION: My reputation precedes my genealogy in Christ: I work like Christ. I live and work worthy of my being in Christ. My work is a reflection of all that I have been called to do in Christ. Through my work, I fulfill purpose and reconcile men to God. My work becomes a medium for the prosperity of the gospel.