Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

Ephesians 6:5

Work is one of the ways a believer fulfills his purpose in Christ. Therefore, the attitude to work must be handled with all seriousness and firmness. Work for a believer transcends an activity and an income earning opportunity. Work for the believer is a ministry and an avenue to fulfill purpose and glorify God. The truth is that as believers we are influencers, we are representatives of God here on earth. So, in all that we are engaged in, we remain conscious of the fact that we are not just living for ourselves and our gratification. We are responsible for how God is perceived and how the body of Christ is represented both by our actions and attitude to work. This then means as you are accountable to your employer, you are also accountable to God. Which would then mean you handle your service to your boss with the same zeal, care and selflessness as you would handle your service to God. Even as a business person or an artisan your attitude towards your business should reflect your service to God. You should not permit lukewarmness, laziness and carelessness in your business.

  So, Ephesians 6:5 above gives detailed instruction on how to attain the right attitude to work. The first thing mentioned in the scripture is Obedience. Obedience to the authority, obedience to laid down rules of engagement, Obedience to business ethics. It is our responsibility as believers to hold-up Obedience as a virtue in our work place and in our service to God. The reason why must people find it hard to obey is because they have failed to submit to authority or this sense of superiority complex, peculiar to the present generation. Even the scriptures mentioned that it is wise to Obey than to engage in fruitless sacrifice. As believers we have to constantly remind ourselves that we are a people under authority, there is an authority presiding over us, and that authority says we submit! we don’t have an excuse not to submit. The only way to show submission is by total and complete Obedience. In the military, Obedience to order is an unbroken rule. You can be dismissed just for disobedience, when your superior gives an order, you don’t think about it, you execute it. The same level of dedication and obedience is expected of believers because we are soldiers of Christ, and we are Men on a mission to get the world saved and united to God through Christ Jesus.

 The truth is that once a worker masters the art of obedience to his superior, it becomes easy to respond to the other conditions in submission to God. As believers our ability to respect, fear and be sincere in our dealings is a result of submission to God’s word. Some of these conditions become hard to fulfill at times but as believers we have no excuse but to fulfill them because of our submission to God. Our ability to follow-through in our dealings should be as a result to submission to God and his instruction to do things. So, when we respect our boss, we are honoring God. When we are honest in our work place, we make it possible for our boss to desire a live a Godly life.

FURTHER READING: 1 Timothy 4: 7-16, 2 Thessalonians 3: 6-15

DECLARATION: I am diligent and upright in my business. I develop the right character to work and life; living in total submission to the dictate of the spirit and the word. I uphold a Godly lifestyle even as regards my work, that I may be a good representative of my Father and glorify Him in all that I do.


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