“Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men”.

Matthew 4:19

In our anchor scripture today, we observe from Matthew’s account how Jesus enrolled some fishermen into becoming His disciples. In the back story (recorded in Luke’s account), Jesus had just met with this fisherman, who was frustrated after a night’s toil with no catch. Having met this man by the seashore where he was washing his fishing equipment, Jesus asked to use his boat as a platform to talk to the multitude gathered to hear him speak, the fisherman obliged Jesus and pushed his boat further into the sea, securing Jesus a platform and wide coverage to share his message to the people gathered to hear him speak. Jesus after his sermon, instructed this fisherman to cast his net into the sea and he had a record-breaking harvest, still, in awe of this miracle, Jesus offered him a proposal He could not resist “Come, follow Me” Jesus said, “and I will make you Fishers of Men”. (Matthew 4:19).

  While it is easy to be carried away by the wonderful works and miracle that was recorded in this event it is worthy to note Christ’s intent for reaching out to Peter. As much as He was willing to bless Peter and give him great harvest, He had a bigger purpose in mind, a purpose greater than Peter’s imagination and ambition, a purpose that would later see a fisherman become a preacher who would at one event, speak and win 3000 souls, a purpose that transformed a fisherman to a mighty man so full of power that his shadow healed the sick. 

 Believers today are not to be carried away by their desires and ambitions that they tend to neglect God’s primary assignment. Jesus gave Peter a net-breaking harvest but the same Jesus had a bigger priority in mind—the Kingdom, salvation of more souls, that’s the priority for Jesus and that led Him to ask Peter to join His mission of raising fishers of men. One moral to note from this story is that God is more interested in making men than giving to men. God’s purpose of sending Christ to the world is to unite the world to himself through Christ, at such everyone that believes in Christ shares in that mandate. The mandate is to share the gospel of Christ with the world. Paul in his 2nd epistle to the Corinthian church made sure to remind them that we equally have a responsibility as believers to populate the message of Christ to the world and to get more men saved with the gospel.

This is God’s will for his children to make them fishers of men. Even though like Peter, believers may have fishing businesses upon which they need a word so that there can come a mighty catch, however, the priority for God will always be Kingdom. The main thing for Him will always be getting more people saved. This should tell that God has no problem blessing you, but His eyes are on your priority. Believers are representatives and influencers of the gospel to this world; utilizing our gifts, potentials, skills and offices, our eyes are on winning men to Christ. Such that even when you’re desiring prosperity there’s a justifiable and selfless ambition attached.

FURTHER READING: 2 Corinthians 5: 11-21, Acts 5: 15-42, Matthew 28: 18-20

CONFESSION: As a child of God, I am efficiently representing God and his interest in the sector I occupy. Using all the Lord has given me, I am sharing the love of Christ to my world. I declare that I am the light of the world, at such I shine my light to men and extinguish the effect of darkness. I have great harvest of souls for God, I am an effective evangelist.