Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. (Hebrew 10:23)

Many times, when we read this particular scripture, we look at it in the light of prophecies that we have received or personal promises we have received, and while we are not wrong in doing so, it is important to study the scripture in context. So, what is really this confession of hope that we are being asked to hold on to? If we study carefully, we would notice from Hebrews 23 verse 11 down to 18, the scripture emphasizes how through one man we don’t need to constantly bear sacrifices for our sins, how one man’s sacrifice cleared us of all our guilt and shame, and finally how we are forever cleared and proven innocent by the sacrifice of that one man, Jesus Christ. Our confession of hope, therefore, is proven in the fact that we are in Christ Jesus, and is blood stands as insurance and covering for us, we no longer have to be scared of falling out with God because the root of our salvation was never formed in our good works but in Christ Jesus, therefore our living in righteousness is still in the confines of the finished work of the cross. This is our hope of obtaining all that God has promised us in life and even in death.

     Believers ought not to be caught in the fix of trying to please God when in the first place it was not pleasing God that offered salvation. It is good to live a holy life but it is equally good to understand that living a holy life outside the confines of what Christ has done is in itself dead works. Remember Cornelius? He was a faithful Roman soldier who was faithful in all sense of being an honest, responsible, and cheerful giver in his society, but even all his good works were not counted unto him as righteousness, hence, God needed to send Peter to share with him the good news and reshape his consciousness and life approach. In order not to leave you confused, we are not asking you to live carelessly but to channel all your energy and work into all that Christ has done for you and has freely offered you. Don’t be that Believer caught in the web of trying to please God, let your motive take root in the fact that Christ has done it all for you, therefore, whatever it is you are doing, is to honor him with all He has made of you and given you.

       Even when in the waiting room of personal promises be sure to fix your gaze on Christ Jesus and all he has done for you, Romans 8:32 says “He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?”, find comfort in this scripture as you fix your gaze on Christ Jesus. This is your confidence in obtaining the promise; in fact, this should influence your daily lifestyle and the choices and actions you take. Stay Fixed on Christ brethren.

Further reading: Hebrews 10: 11-23, Romans 8

DECLARATION: I declare that I am found in Christ Jesus, I am forever connected to my source.  I stand assured and confident of the love Christ Jesus has for me and as I constantly behold him I see all the beautiful things he has planned for me. I stay fixed on my savior, confident of his ability over my weaknesses. 


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