For the Lord GOD will help Me; Therefore, I will not be disgraced; Therefore I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.

(Isaiah 50:7)

A flint is anything figuratively Hard, taking a cue from Our opening scripture we see the Prophet acknowledged that “God will help him” on the strength of that confidence he purposed his heart to set his face like flint, that is regardless of what comes, I know God will help me, I won’t be put to shame. We hear that this Gospel of ours is for the Strong Man, it is not for the doubtful or lily-livered, we must be able to stand in tests, trials, and tribulations. Prov.24.10 – If you faint on the day of adversity, Your strength is small.

    We all as believers, the truth is that anytime we find ourselves in discomforting situations or our hopes are being dashed because of experiences that are contradictory to the promises we have received, we all tend to lose sight of our source of life in the first place. We all get too consumed with our works and our service, in that we start questioning ourselves and our actions to know which of our trespass has resulted to this compromising and trying situations we face. 

 God has never been a respecter of man; none of his words will ever fail, and whenever God speaks be rest assured that He will keep to his promise. However, our connection to receive is found in Christ; our faith in Christ Jesus gives us the confidence to keep our hopes alive and receive all that God has prepared for us. When we look at the finished work of Christ on the cross we are full of faith to keep hopes alive, what Christ has settled on the cross is our guarantee of victory.

     Therefore when situations and experiences seem to negate what we have in Christ, the first place to look is the source of this new life we have received. When situations are contradictory and our faith seems shaky, that is the perfect time to go back to the source and place your gaze on the cross, and like a flint, once you set your heart on the cross, there is a re-ignition of Faith, hope is restored, confidence is boosted, answers are guaranteed. Hope is like fire it needs constant fuelling and when you find it fizzling out, it only shows you need to refuel. 

The only way to refuel for us as believers is by going back to that source of our victory where we inherited our faith. When you buy a new product and it starts to malfunction, you take it back to the manufacturer, the same way your faith is your requirement to live a fulfilled and victorious life in Christ, when you lose touch with it, return to that point of manufacturing, which is the cross, only there will it be fully restored. 

Further reading: Acts 12: 5- 18, Phillipians 4:12-13

Declaration: As I keep gaze on the cross, my light is restored, my hope is re-fired, I get the right spark to drive and push on in faith. I am guaranteed that my victory lies in the cross.