Jesus told a parable to them in this wise, saying “men ought always to pray and not to faint”

Luke 18:1

Our line of thinking has been set around a premise since Easter Faith Conference — that if a man knows the gospel well enough, has been established in it well enough, then it will show in their prayer.

It’s just like saying the difference between a person that knows God (in other words, a person that has been growing spiritually) and the one who doesn’t know Him enough (has not been growing) will be seen when they pray.

One revealer of people’s level of spiritual growth/maturity like none other is prayer.

Before we go into some details, let me try and put a definition to prayer.

Prayer is communication/communion with God.
Man having fellowship with deity.
This tells us that when we pray there’s a interaction of realms. Man, because he is a spirit too, access the realm of God, actually that realm is the supernatural habitat of the man in Christ too.

However, you will agree with me that like a traveler, the level of accuracy that a tourist has in touring a strange place even though real, is dependent on the accuracy of knowledge he has; about the place, about the people in the place. This will help paint a picture of how essential, having accurate knowledge of the word helps us in prayer — because it is with knowledge we pray effectively. It will be difficult to talk to an unknown God.

The number one thing that prayer/praying thus informs us of is that there is an unseen realm. If there were no unseen realm then praying is of no use. The validity of the reality of an unseen realm is what assures that our God though “dwells in light unapproachable, whom no man hath seen or can see” is real and we’re interacting with Him when we’re praying.

The moment we take this as a fact and we hold fast to it, then prayer and praying begins to make sense.

Such that it now goes beyond a religious practice, rather, with accurate knowledge has now come a vital understanding of praying and prayer.

The art of prayer thus reveals to us that we are more than “matter”; something that has mass and occupies space. We are more than social animals like sociologists try to say. We are verily like God, spirit-beings.

Further Reading: Daniel 11:32, James 5:14-17

Confession: The life of the Spirit that I have is functional and operative. Like an edifice, I rise higher and higher, each time I pray in the spirit. I am recharged, refreshed and reinvigorated. I rise above my challenges and i operate with the life of the Spirit within me.