Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

Mark 4:39

  The event of this morning’s anchor scripture is a pointer to the fact that it is easy to be a believer and maintain trust in God, when all is seemingly going well and fine, but at the slightest turbulence we get shaky with our faith, beliefs and affirmations. I remember as a young student back in primary school, I never had to be bothered about being ejected from school for non-payment of tuition fees, because I was confident my Father settles the bill even before the commencement of any academic session. It is interesting that I never really cared how my father paid the fees or what he goes through to pay it, all I knew is that, I was always confident of the fact that, “He is my Father and I am his responsibility. Whatever I need, He will provide”.

  The disciples who were on this journey with Jesus in Mark’s narration, have been with Him for a while and have experienced quite a number of supernatural events. Yet, they were in the boat with Jesus and were scared of drowning at sea. How ignorant could they have possibly been? What more signs can they possibly require? Should they not have been able to tell that this man was not the average man or prophet? Even Moses and Elisha parted the sea when it stood in their way. Why couldn’t they possibly tell then, that He who is in the boat with them, controls greater power than they can possibly fathom? You see, Ignorance has been proven overtime to be the greatest disease. You could be in possession of a precious stone and not know it’s worth, yet you wallow in abject poverty. How could the disciples in this boat be so privileged to ride with the only begotten Son of God and still be oblivious of the authority in their company.

   Believers today are also caught in this web, many of us have read of the great wonders of Jesus in the bible, many are even recipients of this supernatural lifestyle. Yet, at the slightest sign of discomfort and turbulence we behave like ignorant children and start to panic. This can indeed be likened to a citizen, having the rare privilege to ride in the convoy of the President of Nigeria and still be scared of Police harassment. You see, even if they are a million police checkpoints on that route, the best they can do is salute you, and stand guard to protect you. In the same manner, we acknowledge that Zoe lives right on our inside, we allow that peace we have with the Father rule our emotions and feelings. God is happy when you confidently rely on Him to handle things. He is proud when you know the son/daughter of whom you are.

   Today’s devotional is a reminder and a reflection, of the mentality that should condition your mind as the beloved of Abba. Never let situations and circumstances cause you to shake or panic. Don’t break in the face of persecution nor turbulence, stand your ground, take command of the situation, stand in the authority of your father, remain calm and say to yourself, “Oh ye child of Zion, Peace be still!”

FURTHER READING:  1 peter 1: 3- 13

DECLARATION: I declare that I have the peace of God which passes all understanding in me. I remain unshaken and firm in faith knowing and trusting my father to take care of situations on my behalf. I walk in the assurance of his words that he will never leave me nor forsake me because I know he loves me.


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