1Thess.5.16 Rejoice always, (NKJV)

There’s a difference between happiness and Joy. While everyone desires to always be happy many times the conditions are not favourable and since happiness is influenced by happenstances, it’s a roller coaster of feelings. However, with joy, you have something that is unaffected by happenstance, something that is anchored on the Love and goodness of God that never Fails. “Joy is a Fetcher” as Minister Dunsin Oyekan reckoned. Isa.12.3 – Therefore with joy, you will draw water From the wells of salvation.

The Bible admonishes us to “Rejoice always” because we have Joy always in our Spirit, Joy is our default.
Rom.14.17 – for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

I heard a story of how believers during the World War 2 were a source of hope and inspiration to many others because, in the midst of that contrary situation and uncertainty, they went about their activities with a beaming smile, whistling or humming tunes, joyful in their demeanour. This is how we must live also, the devil knows if he can rid you of your joy, he can attack your self-esteem, and make you become worried, doubtful, anxious and depressed. Don’t give him the right of way! Resist him!

Maintaining your joy is a practice, sometimes we slip into worry and instead of getting out, we choose to remain there. I remember a friend who failed a test, called me and said ” I failed my test, now I’m never going to graduate, if I don’t graduate, I won’t get a job, how can I have to get married without a job, my family won’t be proud of me and I’ll become homeless, I might end up addicted to…” “KEEP QUIET!!”, I screamed. I had to stop that barrage of the devil infesting his mind with negatives just because he failed a test. If only he had maintained his joy, he would have had a different Confession, “I failed my test but I’m more than a conqueror, I’m going to do better because Greater is in me, I’m not a failure…”

Maintain your Joy by confessing God’s word, draw from the Wells of salvation, and don’t lose your joy.

FURTHER READING: Psalm 43:5, Phillipians 4:8

CONFESSION: Thank you Lord for Joy in my heart, I Rejoice always, meditating and confessing God’s word, my Heart bubbles with great joy.



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      Jeez, these words carry power and pierces through my soul. I won’t ever lose my joy, I will continue to confess God’s word and draw from the well of salvation.
      My soul, rejoice always, rejoice again I say.
      Thank you pastor!

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      Even in the good times,my joy will be full
      Even in the bad times,my joy will still be full

      I choose to be joyful always
      I choose to rejoice always
      I choose to confess God’s words to my life
      I choose to be thankful always.

      Thank you Pastor for the Word.
      A wake up call for me to always REJOICE!!!!

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