“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

— Mark16:15‬‬

 Christ’s mandates to believers and by extension His church is to share the gospel to the world and spread the good news of salvation and that’s why he gave us power to be witnesses of the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

Jesus mandates and admonishes us according to the authority and power given unto him in heaven and in the earth according to Matt 28 vs 18-20 to go and teach all nations and thereby sharing the gospel to all the nations of the earth in what we know famously as the “Great commission of our lord Jesus”.

Just as our opening text shows us, why have been sent to the world, and to fulfill this we can seek the help of the Holy ghost to preach the gospel to all creature, just as Peter was filled with the Holyghost when speaking to the elders in Acts 4:8, we can pray earnestly for the enablement of the Holyghost and you will see Him fill you with confidence to share the gospel.

We have been called not only to be beneficiaries of the gospel but also to share the gospel to those around us and to the ends of the earths that they too may be beneficiaries. The will of the Father is that none perishes but that all are saved 1 Timothy 2 vs 4 and the scriptures describes the feet’s of those that preach the gospel as beautiful Romans 10 vs 15, Isaiah 52 vs 7.

Further reading: Romans 1 vs 16, Romans 10 vs 15, Luke 4 vs 18

Confession: I receive the boldness and confidence to share the gospel to those around me with accuracy and power of the Holyghost.