“For whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that has overcome, even our faith”

– 1 John 5:4

The church Jesus died to save, was buried for, resurrected with and is now seated in the heavenly places with is a glorious church. If this redemption pathway we just highlighted doesn’t lift into new levels of victory, then I wonder if redemption is worth its weight. Think about it this way, the process that begat the church was seemingly made to look like defeat but in the real sense, it is victory. The death of Jesus is sin’s death-dealing blow, in His burial hell was rattled and its foundation shaken to the core as the Prince of life entered into the arena wherein life has at no point found presence. Hallelujah! So you see we are the victorious ones.

We have triumphed over sin, satan and the world indeed, we are not trying to, we have. Look at our opening verse again and let it sip into your heart, read it slowly.

By Jesus’ finished work, all the sins of the man in Christ have been forgiven. Now you see, the understanding of this most crucial foundation of the christian faith is essential, as it is the key that unlocks the wealth and richness of all the privileges in our redemption. We must understand that the implication of being eternally forgiven is that we are forever deserving—forever deserving before our heavenly Father; deserving of His goodness, deserving of anything good that He will ever think to show to Jesus. We must have a grace-backed deserving consciousness, not one that’s based only on our humanistic behaviour. Why? Our sins have been forgiven.

So as you go out today, be filled with this consciousness. Ruminate upon this, that you are the victorious one, because your sins have been forgiven, because there’s nothing that the Father will ever hold from you or against you. Isn’t that exciting? Glory to Jesus.


CONFESSION: Say this with me— I’ve received forgiveness through the redemptive blood of Jesus and by reason of this, I see myself as blood bought, blood washed, deserving of all good things that our good God can give; from eternal life to earthly good things. Victorious and reigning over satan, sin, sickness and hell. Amen.