“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

— ‭‭Psalm‬91:1‬‬ KJV

The first thing you should know about the secret place is that it is not necessarily a location but a position with God where you continually draw closer to the father through communion ; the secret place is a place where you are yourself and alone with God and you share secrets that no one knows and intimacy with God and where God as well reveals deep mysteries and himself to you, it is a state of dwelling with God,it is a lifestyle of conscious personal intimacy with God ;a time where you commune with your maker alone without motivation of being recognized by people or,a quality Father-child time with God with only a pure desire to know him.

There has been many mechanical approaches to the concept of having a thriving secret place but one of the most important things to note is that You are one with God and through Christ you have access to God, this should spur you to fellowship.

Our opening scripture has briefly and clearly established the purpose of dwelling in the secret place of the most high which is that you abide under the shadow of the almighty I.e under the sovereign protection of the El Shaddai and you know that if God be for you who can be against you Romans 8:31 and if your read the entire psalms 91 vs 1-16 you will see all all that God has in stock for those who dwell in secret place and also dwelling the shadow of the almighty also means being in Gods presence always and understanding this enables you to be at peace regardless of of any circumstances. 

Even in the walk of our Lord Jesus here on earth you will see that there were times he withdrew from his disciples to have an alone time with the father like we see in Luke 5:16 and even when he was grieved and he told his disciples to wait and took just Peter,James and John, he himself still went further alone to pray with the father Matt 26 vs 36-44, it shows us that whenever you feel grieved,down,depressed,confused,sorrowful you should be go into the secret place and you will receive strength to overcome and even your mind will be at peace.

The key to effectively dwelling in the secret place of the most high is seeking him with all your heart and that way you will find the answers you are seeking for according to Jer 29 vs 13,abiding in him and his words as well ensures you receive that which you ask for John 15 vs 7.

As believers we are enjoined to always dwell in the secret place and make it a lifestyle of communing with the father in the secret place 

Further reading- Psalms 81 vs 7, Isaiah 45 vs 3 

Confession- I rest under the shadow of the almighty,I dwell in the secret place and my mind is kept at peace because you are my strong tower Hallelujah.