“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”—

Ephesians 3:20

If there’s any formula that anyone in the world would love to have, even if it means having to pay for, that formula would be the key that unlocks the miraculous. Simon the sorcerer wanted the mighty power of God so much so He wanted to pay to have it. We all want to see our mountains move, everyone wants to experience the super relief of conquering an impossibility. People want to see their loved ones healed, they need financial miracles, job security, hope in despair and so many more. While as a minister I like to zero in on the redemptive work of forgiveness done through Jesus as a sign of God’s love and demonstration of His power for humanity and if that’s all God did, it would honestly still have proven that He loves humanity.

However, I’ve seen and felt what it means for anyone or people to be in need of an ever present God in time of trouble.

God wants you to experience miracles. Much importantly, God wants miracles to happen through you because you are the man with the God type of life.

So, which way to go in experiencing the miraculous often? Be conscious that your words are the vehicle that the miraculous rides upon. The miraculous can’t get any simpler than that.

You may carry the infinite power of God within you by the Holy Ghost from now till anytime, but until it is consciously released it may not do anything. Think about having a rifle and then while in a serious situation you didn’t pull the trigger. The gun is a weapon but until it is set in motion it remains inactive. This is an illustration that describes the believer and the power of God. You’ve got to release your faith over the situation by utterance. You’ve got to speak till your faith in your words even begin to reassure you that what you’re saying will come to pass. The faith of God is the secret to miracles. Faith filled words that swallow up situation and circumstances.

To Jesus it didn’t make any difference if the tree was still standing or not, the day he spoke to the tree it has withered and that was it for Him. It was the disciples who saw a big deal in it. A day later as they were passing the tree had dried up and it made them marvel but Jesus couldn’t be moved. That means there might be times when the word may seemingly not have instantaneous manifestations but that doesn’t change the fact that God’s mighty power had begun to work. Glory to Jesus.

Once we’ve got God’s word on the matter, we keep our eyes on the word, we keep our eyes on Jesus, not on the situation. That’s how the word will prevail over the situation and circumstance. Amen!

FURTHER READING: Ephesians 1: 15-21.
CONFESSION: I believe and I confess I am God’s workmanship, His power house. I declare that God’s power in me is effective. It is working and I’m seeing it produce super abundant result. Amen.



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